October 25, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

Consider this letter as a letter of recommendation for the Troy Rapp Concrete Company.

Rapp Concrete furnished layout, pier drilling, pier materials, reenforcement, concrete and labor for all cast in place concrete work associated with the Longview Regional Medical Center Parking Garage constructed at 703 Hollybrook Road, Longview, Texas.

Rapp Concrete personnel were very knowledgeable and extremely professional in all aspects of their work. All tasks were performed within the allocated schedules, and when necessary, Rapp Concrete accelerated their schedule to make up for time lost due to inclement weather and/or other delays.

Safety, clean up & sequencing coordination were always taken into account by Rapp personnel.

I would highly recommend Rapp Concrete for any size concrete project.

Tom Ernest
VCC Job Supt.
Longview Regional Medical Center
Parking Garage

Contact Information:  P.O. Box 3602  |  Longview, Texas 75606  |  tel: 903.738.7007  fax: 903.234.2212